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  • Former president of JNU Students’ Union will join Congress
  • CPI leader Kanhaiya to join Congress on September 28
  • How many lives will Kanhaiya Kumar be able to breathe in Congress?

If all goes well, then on September 28, the shoulder of CPI leader Kanhaiya Kumar will be worn by the Congress. Meaning he will join the Congress party. Kanhaiya will be given party membership at the Congress headquarters in Delhi.

Kanhaiya Kumar will join Congress
Kanhaiya, who raised the flag of CPI (Communist Party of India) in Bihar, will soon become the voice of Congress. Nowadays Kanhaiya does not even talk about Left parties. Now just waiting for the day when he will have an official meeting with Rahul Gandhi and the pictures will be released. By the way, have had tea with Rahul Gandhi many times, but secretly. Till yesterday, Kanhaiya Kumar was raising the consciousness of CPI. Now sitting in Congress making full preparations to breathe. Not a ‘good’ sign for the Left parties.

Why did Kanhaiya get upset with the CPI?
In fact, in February 2021, the Communist Party of India (CPI) had passed a censure motion against JNU alumnus union president Kanhaiya Kumar. This action against Kanhaiya was taken after he assaulted Office Secretary Indubhushan Verma in Patna office. Then the CPI National Council meeting was going on in Hyderabad. Kanhaiya was accused that on 1 December 2020, he had reached the Patna office with his supporters. There was to be a meeting regarding the Begusarai District Council. But for some reason it was postponed. Kanhaiya was not informed about this. On such a matter, his supporters misbehaved, pushed and beat up the State Office Secretary Indubhushan Verma. Against this, a condemnation motion was passed in the Hyderabad meeting. CPI general secretary D Raja was also present in that meeting. This is where Kanhaiya became disillusioned with the CPI.
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Kanhaiya got ‘knowledge’ from the defeat of Begusarai?
Kanhaiya Kumar decided to enter politics directly from the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Begusarai became the candidate of Lok Sabha on CPI ticket. Due to the neglect of the alliance, he had to face defeat in front of Giriraj Singh. In reviewing the results, Kanhaiya’s advisors suggested that it is not possible to start parliamentary politics by staying in the CPI. Tejashwi Yadav had added to Kanhaiya’s troubles by fielding an RJD candidate. After this the Patna office incident happened. Since then he made up his mind to join the Congress. But because of the ‘Slogan Shouting scandal’ in JNU, a faction in the Congress was not ready to accept Kanhaiya. Now things seem to be working out.

Both Kanhaiya and Congress are needed.
Congress needs a young face in Bihar. Most of the state Congress leaders are very senior. From Delhi to Patna, they are engaged in the jugaad to set the pieces. Kanhaiya also has to get rid of the CPI. In Lalu Yadav’s party RJD, the way ahead of Tejashwi is closed. In Lok Janshakti Party, no one is needed except a lamp. The Bharatiya Janata Party is not suitable for Kanhaiya. In such a situation, Kanhaiya has no option but to Congress. If Congress needs Kanhaiya in Bihar, Kanhaiya has no other solution than Congress. Bihar Congress President Madan Mohan Jha’s term has ended. The Congress high command is also trying to get rid of the old leaders. Tejashwi and Chirag are constantly challenging Nitish Kumar. But there is no one in Bihar Congress who is young and like Chirag-Tejashwi can talk eye to eye with the NDA government of the state. The inclusion of Kanhaiya in the party will be a challenge not only for Nitish Kumar, but also for Tejashwi and Chirag in the coming times.

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