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Neena Gupta recently met Bollywood’s legend lyricist and director Gulzar Sahib and this meeting was very much discussed due to the clothes of the actress. By the way, Neena has already expressed her desire to dress like tennis players in front of Gulzar, on which she gave a good advice. Neena told how Gulzar saab took care of her during her pregnancy.

Neena Gupta has also shared a memorable anecdote about Gulzar in her autobiography ‘Sach Kahoon To’. Neena has written this story in her book like this, ‘Gulzar sahib often used to go to a place in Andheri for practice and used to play tennis there everyday. He had a different enthusiasm for sports, so when I met him, I asked if I could join him. He would pick me up at 6:30 and we used to play together. I wasn’t good enough to play but he was a great player. He used to play for about one-and-a-half hours.

When Nina started playing she was inspired by players like Martina Navratilova. She said- I wanted to wear fine tennis clothes like her. You don’t understand what I am saying? Short skirt and fitted shorts. In those days such clothes were not easily available in India. That’s why whenever someone went abroad, they used to get the task of bringing these clothes for me. When Neena spoke to Gulzar sahab about her desire to dress like Navratilova, he jokingly said, ‘Neena, focus on your game first, make it better, then spend on the dressing part.’

Neena also told how Gulzar Sahab took great care of her during her pregnancy. Neena said, ‘Gulzar saab is a wonderful person and also non-judgmental. He gave me extra care during films. He would always pay attention to whether I am comfortable or not, whether I have eaten properly or not. He even used to bring food for me from his house. I have told earlier also how my friends took care of me so much during my pregnancy and one of them was Gulzar sahib too.

The actress said that Gulzar Sahab had given strict instructions to the choreographer on the sets of ‘Mirza Ghalib’ that Neena’s steps would be simple. Neena has said, ‘To tell you, I do not remember that I have any more pictures of my pregnancy. Once Om Puri took my photo, I don’t know where she went. Most of the pictures of that time are from the time of the film Mirza Ghalib. In most of these my bumps are visible. Looking back, I feel that I should have done at least one photoshoot so that I could remember those beautiful months when a beautiful child was growing inside me.

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