What is the power of face changing formula Sach News

What is the power of face changing formula

In the last few days, the season of change in politics is visible. The chief minister is being changed. Signs of change are visible at the level of government and organization in different states. Changes are especially visible in those states, where elections are to be held within the next one year. BJP has changed four of its CMs in the last five months. After winning the elections in Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma was made CM in place of Sarbananda Sonowal, but in Uttarakhand, Karnataka and Gujarat Chief Ministers were changed in the middle term. Within four months, two chief ministers were changed in Uttarakhand. Congress also changed CM in Punjab. Apart from this, there is a sound of change in some other states. Major changes are also being made at the level of party organization.

The basic intention of both the national parties behind all these changes is to counter the anti-incumbency factor and infuse new energy within the organization so that they can look fresh before the state assembly elections and 2024 Lok Sabha elections. But the biggest question that is being asked in the context of these two parties is whether a change in face will serve the purpose for which such changes are being made?

Tried Formula

Talking about the BJP, this has been the old, tried and tested formula of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to deal with anti-incumbency. From 2001 to 2014, he successfully used it in Gujarat and after that he is coming to Delhi to implement his successful experiment successfully all over the country. Narendra Modi’s style in Gujarat was that he used to cut the tickets of a large number of sitting MLAs in the assembly elections. There were also major changes in the government at regular intervals. With this, he completely countered the anti-incumbency arising against the local MLA or against the government. Just in July, after completing seven years of his government at the Center, PM Narendra Modi made the biggest change in his tried-and-tested method by inducting 43 new ministers into the team. This was the biggest change of recent times. This reshuffle took place when it came to the fore in all the opinion polls that the popularity of the government has remained, but now there has been increased uneasiness and dissatisfaction among the people on many issues. If efforts are not made to remove them now, then problems may increase in the coming time.

Similarly, in Gujarat this was a unique and probably the first experiment in the country that a year before the elections, the entire cabinet including the CM was changed. Whether it was Yeddyurappa’s removal in Karnataka or Rawat in Uttarakhand, the same intention came to the fore. According to the party’s own internal report ahead of the 2019 general elections, the biggest challenge was to deal with the anti-incumbency of the local government or MPs. Then the BJP had cut the tickets of more than thirty percent of the sitting MPs. This experiment was also successful. When the matter of anti-incumbency towards BJP came to the fore in the municipal elections in Delhi, the tickets of all the councilors were cut on the advice of the top leadership. The result was that despite winning a big victory in the assembly elections, the Aam Aadmi Party could not capture the MCD. There BJP retained its power.

Now a few months before the Punjab elections, the Congress has also done the same experiment. But the reason behind this was not just to counter anti incumbency. Factionalism was also a factor. The party felt that it would benefit from changing the face of the government before the elections. But will this method always work? There have been mixed signs for some time now. According to experts, this does not always work. In March this year, Congress had cut the ticket of the then CM Narayanasamy to counter anti-incumbency in Puducherry, but the party did not get the benefit. If people have confidence in the top leadership and its popularity is high, then such a change at the lower level sends a positive message and it works. But if the grievances of the people are from the entire party as a whole, then even such changes do not completely change the political picture.

There is also the fear of side effects

Both Congress and BJP are aware of this. They know that such steps also have side effects. Taking such steps before the election increases factionalism within the party. Discontent may also increase, which may have to pay a political price. This is the reason why a lot of homework has to be done before taking such a decision. Which party’s hard homework was behind the recent decisions, it will be clear from the election results.

On the other hand, in regional parties, this formula is neither effective nor its need is felt. In this, the face of the party or government is simply a person around whom things revolve. Whether people vote for him or not also depends on this particular face. However, even then Naveen Patnaik, who has been ruling Odisha for a long time, has been changing ministers and officials within the government at regular intervals. But the general trend is that regional parties get votes only in the name of their leader.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.

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