Viral dance video: Man Dance On Road: A man is seen dancing on the road.

No one knows when it will go viral on social media. However, there are some such funny photos and videos, which are almost certain to go viral. One such dance video is becoming fiercely viral on social media at this time. Actually, a person is seen dancing on the road with fun (Man Dance On Road). Seeing this person’s dance, you will definitely be reminded of Michael Jackson. Along with this you will get a lot of pleasure.

Senior journalist Rajkishore has shared a funny dance video of a person on his Twitter handle. In this 44-second video, a person is seen dancing on the road. Seeing his dance moves, anyone can press his finger under his teeth. Along with this, you will also be surprised to see their energy level. While this person was dancing, the children around were seen encouraging him by clapping.

People are liking the dance video going viral on social media and people are also commenting fiercely. One user commented and wrote, ‘Michael Jackson will also kneel before this star.’ Another user wrote, ‘Hrithik Roshan of the village, tremendous dance.’ In this way, all the users have commented heavily.

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