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Urfi Javed Video: Oops! Urfi wore hot chillies in red color, wore one leg pants and walked like a snake

Urfi Javed Instagram Video: Queen of Atrangi fashion Urfi Javed surprises people with her look every time. This time too, Urfi has done something similar, which has made people think as well as chew their nails. In the viral video, Urfi is seen wearing a bold red outfit. Urfi has wowed netizens by wearing a cropped top paired with one-legged pants.

Urfi’s unique style has blown your senses…!

In the viral video, Urfi Javed is showing her bold look on the road wearing a red color dress. Urfi’s red dress is closed till the neck but completely open from the chest. Then there is a big cut in the side of the actress’s stomach.


The cropped top is fine, but in this outfit of Urfia, the pant has climbed only on one leg. Seeing the cool style of Urfi Javed, people are left wondering what to say…

Urfi Javed is one such actress, but it is her unusual fashion that has earned her worldwide recognition. Urfi Javed was once trolled for her peculiar fashion, but today the same Urfi has dominated the cover pages of big designers and magazines due to her style. Urfi Javed’s new to new and old to old looks are being well-liked on social media today.

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