UP Vidhan Sabha Election 2022: After BSP, BJP, AAP is now engaged in cultivating brahmins through ‘Chanakya Vichar Sammelan’

Hemendra Tripathi, Lucknow
For the upcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, BSP, BJP and SP are keeping an eye on the Brahmin vote bank of the state. In the past, after the new conventions started by the SP and BSP along with the BJP to woo the Brahmins, now the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has also started a big convention related to Brahmins.

Chanakya Vichar Sammelan was organized by AAP at Gandhi Bhawan in Lucknow on Sunday. During this, AAP leader Sanjay Singh, who arrived as the chief guest, attacked the state government, raising many issues of Uttar Pradesh.

‘Government in UP running on the basis of vendetta’
Sanjay Singh, who arrived in this program organized under the leadership of State President of Enlightened Cell, Harishankar Pandey, attacked the Yogi government fiercely raising the issues related to the Brahmins of UP. He said that unfortunately today the government is running on the basis of vendetta in UP. Khushi Dubey, Rekha Agnihotri, Shanti Dubey, Kshama Dubey have been rotting in jail with a child for more than a year in this government. In the Bikru case, a case was registered against them in many sections out of the spirit of vengeance.

‘AAP government formed in UP will not be of caste religion, but government of 24 crore people’
Sanjay Singh said that if the AAP government is formed in UP, it will not be of any caste and religion, but will be a government of 24 crore people. He said that we do not have any caste-religion vote bank, but our vote bank is 24 crore people of Uttar Pradesh.

Salman Khurshid said – Congress will fight the UP assembly elections on the basis of Priyanka Gandhi
Yogi government targeted for crimes related to caste specific in UP
Sanjay Singh also attacked the Yogi government fiercely for the increased crimes against a particular caste in Uttar Pradesh. During this, he raised the matter of vendetta, rotting of four women in jail for a year in the Bikaru case, the fake encounter of Prabhat Mishra, the murder of crusher businessman Inderkant Tripathi and three-time popular MLA Nripendra Mishra.

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