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Career Opportunities In Solar Energy: Traditional energy petrol, gas is being exploited continuously in the world, due to which now they are reaching the verge of extinction, while their prices are also increasing drastically. In such a situation, solar energy has emerged as a better option among non-conventional sources. Along with this, career prospects are also increasing in the field of solar energy. Using solar energy is getting easier now-a-days. New technologies are constantly coming in this field. In such a situation, if you have not yet been able to make a decision about your career, then you can brighten up your life by making a career in the field of solar energy.

eligibility requirements
In today’s time, there are plenty of opportunities available for the youth in the field of solar energy. If you want to make a career in this field, then it is mandatory for you to pass with 60% marks in 12th with subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. After this you can do Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. Those who want to make a career as a solar engineer can also specialize in chemistry, computer science, civil engineering or related subjects. Apart from this, masters courses can also be done in Energy Policy, Solar Energy and Photovoltaic, Renewable Energy and Geothermal Energy.

Required entrance exam for the solar energy course
There are many courses available to study in this field. However, to get admission in it, you will have to give an entrance exam. To take admission in the country’s largest engineering institutes, IITs, NITs, you have to appear for JEE exam. Apart from this, you can prepare for Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam, BITSAT Entrance Exam, Maharana Common Entrance Test Engineer Engineering, Karnataka Common Entrance Test. After which you can do graduation in B.Sc in Electrical Engineering, BE and B.Tech in Electrical Engineering courses.

Whereas post graduation can be done in ME and MTech in Electrical Engineering, MSc in Electrical Engineering, BTech in Solar and Alternative Energy and M Tech in Renewable Energy. Apart from this, many universities conduct post graduate level energy and management and related courses. You can do the course from there also.
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Responsibilities and scope of work of a solar engineer
Client consultation
If you are working as a solar engineer in a company, you have to talk to the client about their solar energy needs, their expectations, their budget and the limitations of their project.

site visit
This is the main job of solar engineers. Engineers visit the places where the plant is to be installed before building a solar power plant. This is very important, as it comes in handy in planning ahead. Accordingly, you can choose the solar kit, their capabilities and the equipment for installation. Reviewing the site helps you plan how to spend the budget properly.

design stage
The job of a solar engineer is also to design panels and build an energy-converting engine. In this, the systems of all the equipment are tested. It is the responsibility of these professionals to make kits that are not only capable but also look good.
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Implementation phase
After making all the improvements in the design, the next step is to install the kits on site. During this, the work of installing the panels on the roofs or on the ground itself has to be done. After this the solar panels are tested, so that the technical obstacles coming in it can be removed.

Maintenance phase
After planting any plant, its maintenance is the last step. Solar energy panels, kits and related machines need to be checked regularly. This helps to overcome sudden failure or other problems. At this stage a report has to be written about the condition of the kit and equipment. which leads to further improvement.

There are a lot of opportunities in this field for the youth today. Freshers entering here get a package of Rs 4 lakh annually. As the experience in this field increases, the salary also increases. On the other hand, if you have more than five years of experience, you can easily take a salary of one lakh to two lakh rupees per month.

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