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  • MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan gave helicopter ride to tribals in Alirajpur
  • Four tribals traveled in government helicopter
  • Tribals were very happy with the helicopter ride
  • Tribals told CM – God

MP CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan (Shivraj Singh Chauhan With Tribals) is taking out Jandarshan Yatra these days. He was in Alirajpur district of MP on Wednesday. CM is always in discussion about his style. On Wednesday too, he showed a different style. He has made the dream of four elderly tribals come true. The CM has rotated all four by sitting in a helicopter.

Tribals had traveled by helicopter for the first time. These people have traveled from Ranbaydha to Sejawada in CM’s helicopter. Earlier these tribals had never even taken a helicopter ride. Their condition can be gauged from the fact that they did not even have slippers to wear. The two tribals who were riding in the helicopter were barefoot and in half pants. Dariav Singh, Mangal Singh, Richhu Singh Baghel and Jodh Singh were among those who boarded the chopper. All belong to different villages of Alirajpur district.
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everyone looks happy
At the same time, all the tribal people have looked very happy during the journey in the helicopter. During the flight, everyone was enjoying the panoramic view from the sky. The glow on his face during this time was worth seeing. Many gifts have also been given to CM Jobat. There he has laid the foundation stone and inaugurated many schemes.
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The tribal who took the chopper said that the government has done a lot for us. We have never demanded anything from the government. But from cheap food grains to cheap electricity, we have got it. The tribals told that there is also a road till our village. Today CM has made our dream come true by rotating in a helicopter.

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