Sahdev Dirdo viral dance and singing videos: baspan ka pyaar fame sahdev dirdo new record on instagram watch his viral dance and singing videos- ‘Baspan ka Pyaar’ fame Sahdev Dirdo did the feat! These 4 viral videos are rocking

Sahdev Dirdo of Sukma became an overnight internet sensation by singing the song ‘Baspan Ka Pyaar’. The child whom no one knew till yesterday, today he has millions of followers on social media. Videos from his songs to dance are going viral on social media.

After watching the video of ‘Baspan Ka Pyaar’ of Sahadev Dirdo, rapper and singer Badshah called him to Mumbai and recorded a song together. Not only this, Sahadev Dirdo also appeared in ‘Indian Idol 12’.

Recently a dance video of Sahadev Dirdo has also surfaced, which is doing the rounds on the internet. Sahdev’s song is so hot on people that they are sharing it by making Instagram reels on it. Many celebrities also made videos doing amazing dance moves on the songs sung by Sahadev Dirdo.

so many followers on instagram

Let us tell you that Sahdev Dirdo has now become the star of Instagram as well. The name of his Insta account is viralboy_sahdev, on which he has 266k followers. A marketing agency operates his Instagram account.

Here’s a look at the viral videos of Sahdev Dirdo so far:

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