plumber killed woman in delhi: Delhi Crime: druken plumber cutoff womans head in delhi woman died on spot Sach News


  • After the murder, the accused who was hiding in the house was beaten up fiercely by the mob.
  • Angry mob vandalized the PCR van on its arrival
  • According to the police the accused was in a state of intoxication, admitted to the hospital
  • This heart-wrenching incident was caught on CCTV camera

Special Correspondent, Dabri
A drunk plumber slit the throat of a woman near Dabri Som Vihar on Sunday night. The woman died on the spot due to agony. The woman used to set up a vegetable shop. This heart-wrenching incident was captured in the CCTV camera. After the murder, the accused went to his relative’s house and hid, but the angry mob gathered there and started beating the addict. Meanwhile, the PCR van reached there. The angry mob also ransacked the PCR van. With great difficulty, the police team pulled out the accused from there and took him away.

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According to the information received from the police, he got the information on Sunday night. After which the police team reached the spot. The deceased woman Vibha used to set up a vegetable shop. It is clearly visible in the CCTV that the woman is standing outside the shop. Meanwhile, the accused passes by with a bag in his hand. Suddenly the woman and the accused got into an argument. After which the accused kept his bag on the pavement and took out the weapon from it and started moving towards the woman. The woman tried to save herself with a stick, but the accused slit the woman’s throat. The woman fell to the ground in agony and the accused took the bag and went into the street.

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According to the police officer the accused is a plumber. In the bag was his tool kit. In which there is also a weapon like a big blade. He took this out of the bag and slit the woman’s throat. The crowd became uncontrollable after the incident. The accused lived there with his relative in the street. After committing the crime, he went there and hid. But the crowd saw him going into the house. The crowd started increasing and people jumped inside the house and grabbed the accused and started beating them. PCR reached there as soon as the police got the information. People also vandalized the PCR van. Some policemen have also been injured. However, two or three people from the crowd also helped the police and helped in evacuating the accused safely.

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According to the police, the accused was thrashed by the mob and hence he was hurt. The accused was taken to the hospital by the police. He was completely intoxicated, so his condition was not narcissistic. Appropriate action is being taken in this matter. According to the police officer, two FIRs have been registered in this case. One is for killing a woman and the other for obstructing government work and damaging government property.

The accused will be arrested soon, he is in the hospital. At the same time, after identifying 5 people from the crowd, the police have taken them into custody. The deceased woman used to run a vegetable shop with her husband. The woman was alone at the shop when the incident took place on Sunday. Vibha, 30, has two young children.


CCTV footage

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