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MP tour by bicycle: Campaign to save nature, plant trees and save tigers, youth reached Balaghat while circumambulating 52 districts, officials welcomed

Neeraj Kakotia, Balaghat. Rohit Sirsam, a nature lover, circumambulated 52 districts on a bicycle and reached Balaghat as the last district on Saturday. Where the forest officials felicitated Rohit grandly. Rohit is visiting 52 districts of the state in the last 64 days. During this he gave the message to save nature, plant trees and conserve tiger.

According to information, Rohit Sirsa is a rural and tribal youth living in Seoni district. From January 1, 2023, riding a bicycle from his district went to all the districts of the state and gave the message of saving nature, planting trees and conserving the tiger. After circumambulating all the 52 districts of the state in 64 days, reached Balaghat on Saturday. Meanwhile, he also planted a sapling. Along with this, Rohit told the officials of the forest department about the purpose of taking a bicycle tour.

Nature lovers told that nature played an important role in the way the need for oxygen was felt at the time of Corona. Life can be saved for a few days without water and food, but not without oxygen. Due to this, Rohit got this idea in his mind and he set out on a bicycle to convey the message to the state. He said that my aim was to make people aware of nature, planting trees, saving and conserving wild animals and he was successful in that to some extent.

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