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vaccination news: latest updates and news of mega vaccination on pm modi birthday: mega vaccination campaign on PM Modi’s birthday Latest News


  • Mega vaccination campaign celebrated across the country on Prime Minister Modi’s birthday
  • Till 5 pm, more than 2 crore people have received the dose of Kovid vaccine.
  • There were also complaints of disturbances, messages came to people without vaccine
  • Disturbances from Bihar, MP to UP, officials told technical problem

New Delhi
On the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi Birthday), a new record has been made for the Kovid-19 vaccination drive. Till 5 pm on Friday, more than 2 crore people have received the dose of Kovid vaccine. The final figures are yet to come and the speed with which the vaccination is going on, it is believed that by late evening the figure of up to 2.5 crores may also be crossed.

19 lakh people got the vaccine every hour

According to government data, the speed of the vaccine can be gauged from the fact that more than 527 doses are being administered every second. That is, more than 19 lakh doses have been given every hour. However, in the midst of this campaign, there have been many such complaints that many people got the message of vaccinated without going to the vaccination center.

2 Crore + Vaccination in one day: World record made on PM Modi’s birthday, today more than 2 crore people got corona vaccine
And when the message of vaccinated arrived without the vaccine

Raju Kumar, a resident of Nalanda, Bihar, got a message at around 4 pm that he had been given the second dose of Kovishield. Sharing the screenshot of the message on Twitter, he wrote that he has not got any vaccine, despite that the message of fully vaccinated has come.

Sent back from the center, made ‘vaccinated’ without vaccine
Ashwin Patidar, a resident of Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh, also got the message of vaccinated without getting the vaccine. He shared the message of fake vaccination on Twitter, tagging Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya and the Prime Minister. Patidar wrote, ‘Common citizens are being cheated. The slots of the center were booked but after going there it was found that the vaccine would not be administered today. Then why give slots? And now the message of vaccinated without vaccine was also sent.

When looking for slots, they were not found, today the vaccine was found without slot papers

Similarly, Anurag Famous and his mother Archana Jha have also not received the second dose of Kovid vaccine. He wrote on Twitter that we were looking for the slot for the last several days and could not find it. But today I got this message that without going to the vaccination center, we have taken the second dose.

CMO said, this happened due to technical flaws

Shivam Bhatt, a resident of Lakhimpur in Uttar Pradesh had also booked a slot for the second dose of Covaxin on September 17. But due to some reason could not go to get the vaccine. However, at 3 o’clock in the evening, he also got a message that your second dose of Covaxin has been applied. Talking to CMO Dr. Shailendra Bhatnagar about this, he said, ‘It must have happened due to some technical reason. We will investigate and resolve it within 24 hours. Those who have got the message of vaccination without getting the vaccine, they can still get the Kovid vaccine by going to the vaccination center.

nbt online view
It is not right to dismiss the message of getting the vaccine to the people without vaccination as a mere technical problem. We have no idea how many people may have received such messages. Those who have the means, they will get the vaccine from anywhere, but most people are not aware that if such a message comes, then where should they go and where to appeal. Apart from this, while people still have fear about the vaccine, on the other hand, people who have taken double doses are getting many exemptions and concessions. In such a situation, if someone will get a certificate of being vaccinated while sitting at home, then why would he go to the vaccination center? Therefore, it would be better to investigate the main reasons for the arrival of such messages. If this happens due to some technical problem then it should be fixed quickly.

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