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Many videos and photos go viral on the internet on the issue of Hindu Muslim. Sometimes many fake videos and photos also spoil the atmosphere. But many times such videos are found on the Internet, which connect people of both religions. In this episode, a video is going viral on social media. After watching which you will have a different feeling and you will have great fun.

Muslim sang the title track of Mahabharata
A video is going viral very fast on social media, even if the video is not so great. As can be seen in this video a Muslim is singing the title track of Mahabharata. That too in such a wonderful way that don’t ask. You too will be mesmerized after watching this video. So let’s watch this video first without delay.

getting praised
This video became very popular as soon as it came on social media. This viral video has been shared by a user named Doctor Nagar from his Twitter handle with a funny caption. He has written that some videos become very hilarious. Users are sharing this video fiercely and are also praising this video fiercely in the comment box. One user wrote that ‘Giving respect to the religion of others never shortens one’s religion or threatens religion.’ So on the other hand, taking forward this comment, another user wrote that ‘You have said a very beautiful thing, this is the only way to move forward with progress with peace and mutual cooperation.’ Apart from this, many users are praising this video fiercely. Do let us know what you think about this video.

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