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Film writer and lyricist Javed Akhtar has been continuously commenting on the condition of women in the Taliban. Once again Javed Akhtar has tweeted on the new environment being created for women in Afghanistan and hoped all the important Islamic organizations to raise their voice against it.

Recently, Javed Akhtar, who was furious over the statement of Taliban spokesperson regarding women, has once again vented his anger on the new decree brought about women there. Javed Akhtar tweeted and wrote, ‘Al Jazeera has reported that the Mayor of Kabul has issued a decree that all working women should stay at home, I hope all Islamic organizations should oppose this, because it is their religion. being done in the name of Where are those people who were shouting against triple talaq till yesterday.

Let us tell you that after the formation of the new government in Afghanistan, the difficulties for women are increasing continuously. It is reported that the acting Mayor of Kabul, Hamdullah Namoni, has issued a decree that all the women who were working in different departments of the city should now stay at home, they do not need to return to work. It is said that three thousand employees were working in the municipality in Kabul, of which one-third were women. Now after this new decree, those women are forced to stay at home.

Along with this, the mayor has also decided that women can only work in that place, which men cannot do. Javed Akhtar has already tweeted about the Taliban. Recently, he tweeted about the statement made against women by Taliban spokesman Syed Zakirullah.

Javed Akhtar wrote in the tweet, ‘Every civilized person, every democratic government, every civilized society in the world should refuse to recognize Talibanis and condemn them for the brutal oppression of Afghan women or else like justice, humanity and conscience. The words should be forgotten.’

He tweeted, ‘The Taliban spokesperson has told the world that women are not there to be ministers but to stay at home and have children, but the so called civilized and democratic countries of the world are ready to join hands with the Taliban. how shameful it is.’

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