japan north korea tension: North Korea Ship With MANPADS Surface to Air Missile Sighted Off Japan Coast: North Korean warship sighted near Japanese coast with missile

After China in the East China Sea, a North Korean patrol ship has now entered Japanese maritime territory with missiles. The Japanese Coast Guard said that a man-portable surface-to-air system has also been seen on this North Korean patrol ship. This missile is capable of shooting down any drone or helicopter hovering in the air.

Japanese Navy heightened vigil
The North Korean ship was first sighted in the Yamato bullet area in the Sea of ​​Japan. After which the Japanese Navy has increased surveillance of the entire area. The Japanese Coast Guard has taken several steps to ensure the safety of its country’s fishing vessels. In recent years North Korean and Chinese fishing vessels have frequently appeared near Yamatotai in the Sea of ​​Japan.

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Man portable missile system like SA-16 seen
Japanese media have reported that SA-16-like Man Portable Missile Systems (MANPADS) have been seen on a North Korean patrolling ship. The SA-16 was built by the Soviet Union, which had a range of 4.5 kilometres. Even before this, North Korean patrol ships have been infiltrating Japanese maritime borders.

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Japan sank a North Korean ship in 2001
In 2001, a North Korean warship entered Japanese territory with a similar missile system. After which the North Korean warship sank near Amami Oshima Island during a shootout with a Japanese patrol ship. At that time, due to the strong blockade of the US Navy, North Korea could not retaliate even if it wanted to.

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Man Portable Air Defense System is actually a surface to air missile system that fires on the shoulder. This weapon can easily target aircraft flying at low altitude, usually helicopters. Since the 1950s, the army of many countries including America, Russia, Britain is using this weapon.

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There is also a dispute between Japan and North Korea
Japan and North Korea also have disputes over maritime boundaries and many small islands. The entire area of ​​the Sea of ​​Japan is full of fish. The area is dominated by the Japanese army. Despite this, North Korean fishermen continue to infiltrate. The Japanese Navy often expels North Korean fishermen.

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