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Instead of throwing away the peels of vegetables and fruits, prepare organic fertilizers at home, plants will get nutrition, you will get pure diet

Everyday a lot of peels of vegetables and fruits come out from the kitchen of the house. Which we usually throw in the garbage bucket. While we can use it. With this we can prepare organic fertilizers at home, but due to lack of information people do not do so.

Make compost from vegetable and fruit peels like this

  • The wet peel that comes out of the kitchen is known as Black Gold. It is considered very good for gardening. It is also good in terms of environment. To make compost from vegetable and fruit peels, you will need dry leaves or cocopeat, cow dung manure, clay pots or plastic buckets.
  • Take a pot or a bucket and make small holes in it. Then put a layer of soil in it. After this, grind the peels into small pieces and spread them in a layer.
  • After this you spread the layer of dry leaves and cocopit and cow dung manure. Then cover it and keep sprinkling water in between so that the moisture remains.
  • Keep one thing in mind that keep this earthen container in such a place where there is neither direct sunlight nor rain. Repeat this process again whenever the peels get collected.
  • When one container is full, start making compost in the other, then see how good compost is prepared in 2 to 3 months. Then with the help of this you can plant beautiful fragrant flowers in your garden.

Benefits of Homemade Organic Fertilizer

  • Food is grown in soil, which supplies the nutrients and minerals our bodies need to grow. The quality and productivity of feed depends on how the food is grown. “Healthy soil is the base of the food system. People get nutrition only by producing healthy crops”
  • The use of organic fertilizers reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Due to the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, zinc deficiency can occur in a person. Along with this, the lack of nutrients in the soil can lead to less nutrients in the food.
  • By making compost at home, there can be some indirect health benefits to the person as well. If one uses organic manure in their home garden, they do not have to face the problem of healthy fruits, vegetables and healthy plants. As a result, composting can make it easier to get healthy foods.
  • Organic manure provides healthy diet and nutrition. Pesticides may have links to cancer. According to some health experts, there is an urgent need to find an alternative to avoid the dangerous effects of pesticides on human health. In such a situation, organic manure is a good option.

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