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Holi Special Recipe: The fun of Holi is incomplete without thandai, see the recipe for making thandai here…

Festivals of all colors like to enjoy Holi and along with playing Holi, food is also enjoyed on this day. Many types of dishes are made for Holi at home. But without Thandai, the fun of Holi is considered incomplete. That’s why today we have brought you the recipe for making thandai. 

Ingredients for Thandai

Milk – 1 liter
Almonds – Half cup
Poppy seeds – 6 teaspoons
Fennel seeds – Half cup Black
pepper – 2 teaspoons
Green cardamom – 5
Watermelon seeds – 4 teaspoons
Melon seeds – 4 teaspoons
Cucumber seeds – 4 teaspoons
Sugar – As per taste


  1. First of all, soak poppy seeds, almonds, melon, watermelon and cucumber seeds, fennel, black pepper and cardamom overnight in a bowl of water.
  2. Peel the almonds in the morning and grind all the other ingredients together to make a paste. Boil milk in a pan. Mix sugar in milk and let it cool.
  3. Now pour 2 glasses of water slowly into the paste of dry fruits and filter it with a fine cloth or strainer. After filtering the mixture completely, mix it in milk cooled in water. Keep it in the fridge for a while to set, after that add ice cubes and serve it.

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