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HOLI 2023: Unique Holi! If you paint a girl here, you will have to marry her, otherwise you will have to face this punishment…

Colors have their own importance in Holi (HOLI 2023). In this festival, people apply color to each other and celebrate. But there is also a place in the country where Holi is not played with colours. Actually, this happens because of the tradition which the people here have been following for years.

In the Santhal tribal community of Jharkhand, Holi of water and flowers has started about a fortnight ago. Santhali community celebrates it as Baha festival. It is not allowed to add color to the traditions here. There is a special meaning of applying colors in this society. If a boy casts color on a virgin girl in the society, he either has to marry the girl or pay a heavy fine. This rule is prevalent in the area from West Singhbhum in Jharkhand to Jalpaiguri in West Bengal. Because of this fear, no Santhal youth plays colors with a girl. According to tradition, a man can play Holi only with a man.

The people of this tribal-dominated area believe that if a boy or a girl plays colored Holi or if either of them puts color on each other, then they have to marry each other. This is the reason why people of this society do not play Holi with colours. This practice has been going on in this community for years. For years, these people did not play Holi with colours.

During Holi, here boys and girls sing and dance with drums and pour water on each other. But they avoid color. Here the tribals start playing Holi a few days before the day of Holi. Here people play Holi by pouring water on each other throughout the night and during this they also wear their traditional costumes.

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