guest ate extra piece of cake in wedding: Amazing Cake Story! Guest ate extra piece of cake in wedding bride demand money after looking at cctv footage in britain

The bride and groom are often worried about not only their perfect wedding dress but also the budget. In such a situation, they sometimes try new ways to cut expenses. Now one such strange incident has come to light where a bride asked one of her guests to pay extra money for taking extra piece of cake.

This case is of Britain which is surprising everyone. However, this is true as the guest revealed on Reddit how she was asked to pay extra because she ate an extra piece of cake at the reception.

Revealed from CCTV footage

A few days after the wedding, the bride had demanded money through a message. The couple had seen the guest in the CCTV footage taking an extra piece of cake at their wedding. After sending the CCTV footage to the guest, the bride wrote that we were watching CCTV and saw that you had taken two pieces of cake nearby.

asked to send money as soon as possible

The bride wrote that we had announced that every guest would have to pay a piece. We have noticed that you have paid only one. Can you please send £3.66 (approx Rs 367) as soon as possible.

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