Funny Video Today of PM candidate: Video: Pray this man does not become the Prime Minister, otherwise it will be difficult to remember the name! – pm candidate funny video and name of this goes viral on social media

If you are ‘traveling’ in the world of internet, then you will get to see more than one funny things everyday. Some cases will surprise you and there, on seeing some, you will start laughing out loud. A video related to this is going viral on Instagram, seeing which you will be surprised and you will also be left laughing. Because the matter is related to politics.

prime ministerial candidate
Sometimes such videos and photos go viral on the internet, which makes it difficult to stop laughing. One such video is going viral on social media, after watching it you will just laugh. This man is speaking such a thing in the video, after listening to which you will be surprised at first and then you will start laughing openly. In this video a man asks a question, while answering this person says that he is a candidate for the post of PM and is contesting the election. Further he spoke more funny thing, said that he has also prepared a paper (manifesto) for this election.

name is funny
Next to this, what will be seen in the video will surprise you because this guy is telling himself to the President. When this man was asked his name, he said such a funny name that you will not be able to remember it in one go. This man said that my name is ‘President Shri Suryadev Brigadier Arun Singh Bihar Government and Government of India Arun Bhai 786 SP Senior Commissioner and DCC Azad Government of India World Government Don Number One SP’. So let’s watch this video now and enjoy…

Users are having fun
This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This video has been shared with a funny video of the person from the Instagram page named bhutni_ke_memes. Users are commenting more than one on this video. One user wrote that ‘No one will tell them anything, everyone should be silent.’ On the other hand, another user wrote in the comment that – Man is really amazing. Please tell us your opinion about this video

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