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This monsoon broke the records of rain. Along with this, there was a lot of waterlogging on the roads of Delhi. In many places the condition of the roads has become so bad that potholes have started appearing everywhere. Due to this not only the speed of traffic has slowed down but the fear of accidents has also increased. Taking stock of some such roads in Delhi, tells about the condition there. Report by Prashant Soni, Poonam Gaur, Sudama Yadav and Shamse Alam:

The road built 3 months ago was broken


The service road coming from Rithala bridge towards Rohini Sector 25 was built about 3 months back. Due to the accumulation of rain water for several days, it has broken at many places. On this road again there have been deep potholes up to several feet. Local people say that due to non-cleaning of the drain built along the road, this road has been broken again due to non-drainage of rain water. There are also ISKCON Temple, CNG Pump and many colleges on this road, where a large number of people keep coming and going.

No road safety, shadow dark

These days driving on Mathura road is no less than a challenge. The condition of this road from Pragati Maidan Metro Station to DPS Crossing and near Ashram Chowk is very bad. In both the places, work is going on for the construction of underpass and tunnel road for the last few years. Traffic was diverted from many places, but during this time road safety was not taken care of. After the rain in the last days, there have been many potholes around Pragati Maidan. The street lights are also switched off due to the work going on on the road. Traffic is also being affected.

Difficult to pass near India Gate

The condition of some roads in New Delhi is also looking very bad. Passing through the areas adjacent to India Gate, Rajpath and Rashtrapati Bhavan is no longer as easy as before. Due to the Central Vista project, the shape of the roads has changed in many places. To divert traffic, new roads have been taken out by closing the old road, but the quality of the road was not taken care of there. During the monsoon season, the road has been washed away and huge potholes have formed at many places. The condition of the road has become very bad around the Rajpath crossing at India Gate circle. Here the condition of the road has become very bad after rain on the diversion part. Similarly, around Mansingh Road, Janpath, Rafi Marg and Vijay Chowk, the road is in a dilapidated condition.

Broken road, debris scattered around

Rain and water-logging have worsened the condition of the road at some parts on the Noida Link Road. The Jal Board had started the work of laying new sewer lines around News Apartments and Mayur Vihar. Everywhere the road was dug. Work on the carriageway going from Delhi to Noida on the inside cooperative road and Trilokpuri road to Noida link road outside was also done for several days. The work is over now, but after that the road was not repaired. Where the excavation was done, the work was finished by filling only with soil and concrete. At the turn from Noida link towards Mayur Vihar or News Apartments or Ghazipur, the entire road is broken from one end to the other and all the debris is scattered all around.

Dangerous to get off the flyover

The condition of Pushta Road is even worse. The most dangerous remains under the Shakarpur octroi, where the entire layer of the road has been uprooted and its debris has spread everywhere, making scooters or bikes prone to slip. Large potholes have also emerged in the road around the crossing of Ramesh Park, Lalita Park, Shakarpur. On the slopes of the flyover of Rajaram Kohli Marg, such a huge crater has formed that to avoid it, people sometimes apply brakes suddenly while descending from the slope, which increases the risk of accident. In front of the Geeta Colony crematorium, a big pothole has formed in the road between the crossings.

increased trouble due to road subsidence

A major part of the road connecting Rohini Sector 22 with Kanjhawala has sunk near Aman Vihar police station. It hasn’t been repaired yet. In such a situation, the road is getting submerged from other places as well. If this road is not repaired in time, then this road may have to be closed for movement in the coming days.

Not even repairing the sunken road

The master road number 201 connecting Janakpuri, Dabri, Najafgarh passing through Sector-1 Dwarka from Palam is in bad shape. There are many potholes on the slip road as soon as it turns on this road from under the flyover. Cars ply on a very small part of the road, causing traffic jams. About two months back, the road had collapsed due to a sewer line near the Sector-2 bus terminal. Since then this place has been diverted. Atulya Chowk, where a moving vehicle rammed into the road during the monsoon rains, is yet to be repaired.

the speed of the vehicles stops

On the road connecting Rohini Sector 21 with Sultanpuri, there have been many deep potholes on the road in front of Ramesh Enclave. Due to accumulation of rain water here, the pits are not known. Accidents are also happening because of this. Local people say that some time ago the excavation was done by the power company to lay the cable line here, after which the road has not been repaired. After which the road has been further broken due to water logging here due to incessant rains. The speed of the vehicles stops as soon as it comes here, there is also a jam during peak hours.

Road submerged due to leakage in water

The road has been submerged for the last one week due to leakage in the sewer line of Jal Board near Kamdhenu Apartment near DC Chowk, Rohini Sector 9. Due to this the road is completely closed. Locals say that due to the closure of sewer lines, the ground floor of several nearby societies was flooded. The sewer line and road have not been repaired yet. People are facing great difficulty in commuting anywhere. People have to travel for many kilometers.

Potholes jam on Najafgarh road

The condition of Najafgarh Road, one of the biggest roads of Delhi, is also no better. Ten pits have been made in just 450 meters on the carriageway going from the district center to Tilak Nagar. It is important that this is the main road connecting West Delhi to Central, New Delhi and Old Delhi. Due to these potholes on the road, vehicles move by crawling during peak hours. Often there is a long jam.

Failed attempt to fill the pit with soil

The condition of Dwarka-Dabri road connecting Dwarka and West Delhi is also not good. The entire load of raw colonies is on this road. As soon as we take the left from Dwarka Road, there is a big pit for this road, which has been tried to cover it with soil, but the situation has not been better than that. Carpeting was done on Dabri-Dwarka road only last year. But, the rain has again made potholes on this road.

Dwarka flyover loop at risk

The main way to enter Dwarka Subcity is through flyover from Dhaula Kuan and Cantonment area. But even this flyover could not escape from the potholes. Actually, this flyover is like a lifeline for the movement of the people of Dwarka. Small and big pits are made on its ramp (climb). Vehicles face difficulty in climbing the flyover. Since in the early morning a large number of people go towards Dhaula Kuan and then towards Ring Road in the peak hour. In such a situation, there is a queue of vehicles on this flyover.

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