For fear of spoiling the photo, Shahnawaz Hussain kicks out those with ‘fat stomach’, users have fun! – bihar industries minister shahnawaz hussain comment on fat people during pm modi birthday celebration video goes viral on social media – Hindi SachNews, Hindi News, Hindi News,Sach News in Hindi

A video of BJP leader and Bihar government minister Shahnawaz Hussain is becoming fiercely viral on social media. He said such a thing in this video, after listening to which you will first laugh, then many questions will start arising in your mind. Because it’s a weird thing…

What did you say?
A video of Bihar’s Industries Minister Shahnawaz Hussain, who is in-charge of Gaya district on the Internet, has made a mess. As soon as this video came, the whole social media was covered. So let’s understand the matter from the beginning, in fact today is the 71st birthday of the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi. Due to which the leaders of BJP are giving donations to the poor in many places today. Similar was the program of Shahnawaz Hussain. He was donating to a poor person, when he said such a thing, due to which the video became viral. He said, ‘The one whose stomach has come out, let him go backwards and the one who has a small stomach, come forward.’ Apart from this, he spoke even more funny thing, after listening to which you will not be able to stop your laughter. So let’s watch the video…

joke on social media
This video of Shahnawaz Hussain is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This viral video has been shared by a user named Utkarsh Singh on his Twitter handle with a funny caption. He has written that ‘Minister Shahnawaz Hussain removing the big belly people from the frame, so that the photo does not get spoiled.’ Users are sharing this video a lot and are also giving different types of reactions. A user wrote in the comment of this video that ‘Actually the problem is not with a fat stomach! Because of that fat stomach, Shahnawaz bhai is not fit in the camera. What do you think about this video, do tell by commenting

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