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The prolonged tug of war and turmoil in Punjab has resulted in a change of leadership in the state five months before the assembly elections. Charanjit Singh Channi, who is being appointed as the Chief Minister after the resignation of Captain Amarinder Singh, will surely give hope to the party that he will bring him back to power in the coming elections, but is this hope so easy to fulfill? The biggest question is, has it got rid of the reasons for which the Congress got caught in this whirlwind just before the assembly elections?

Certainly the rift between Congress state president Navjot Singh Sidhu and Captain Amarinder Singh had crossed all limits, but the entire responsibility for Captain’s resignation cannot be put on Sidhu. The displeasure in the party about the working style of the Captain was there for a long time. The top leadership of the Congress has been aware of this discontent. His problem was that despite knowing everything, he could not decide on time. The state party could not be left on the trust of the 79-year-old captain for long. The party needed a new leadership. Despite this, the thinking of the Congress was that the coming assembly elections should be fought under the leadership of Captain. By making Sidhu the state party president, it was assumed that the two would work together till the elections.

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It was decided that the final decision on the question of change of leadership would be taken after the elections. But how impractical this arrangement of the high command was, it was made completely clear by the developments of the last two months. The electoral process had not even started, the question of ticket distribution had not even arisen, but whether it was the captain or the opposing camp – both started to establish a decisive lead over the other side to take complete control of the organization. This was the reason that the ceasefire could not take place despite the indications of the high command. The disgruntled MLAs kept on reaching Delhi again and again, pressurizing them to change the Chief Minister.

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Finally, a meeting of the legislature party was called on Saturday, in which the Captain resigned after seeing his defeat certain. But now the important question is whether Channi’s arrival will stop the tug of war between the different factions within the party or will it feed on the time of further ticket distribution? Secondly, the Captain may have left the post of Chief Minister, the suspense of his next move remains. What role does he play in the party, how long does he stay and if he leaves the party, where does he go, all eyes will be kept on questions like. Not only the Congress, but the equations of state politics will also depend a lot on the answers to these questions.


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