Eccentric boyfriend threatens girlfriend, says ‘I will breakup if I get a vaccine’ – girl says her boyfriend is threatening to leave her if she gets second dose corona vaccine

People all over the world are getting the vaccine to avoid the havoc of CoronaVirus. But a strange case is coming out from Britain. Here a boy has made a unique threat to his girlfriend regarding the vaccine itself. The matter is so strange that I do not know what to do?

What did the boy say?
A strange case is going viral on social media. On getting the corona vaccine from his girlfriend, a boy said that if his girlfriend gets the vaccine, he will break up with her. According to a news in ‘Mirror UK’, the girlfriend has shared this story of her boyfriend on the social media platform Reddit. The girl told that she and her boyfriend have been in a relationship for a year. Next to this the girl told that I had got the first dose of corona vaccine long ago. But when it came time to get the second dose, the boyfriend started giving strange threats. The girl told that the boyfriend flatly refused me to take the second dose. Not only this, he said that if I got the vaccination done, he would break up. At first the girl thought that the boyfriend was joking, later it came to know that he was serious.

girl asked for opinion
The girl got upset about the breakup of her boyfriend. Because if the girl does not complete the vaccination, she will miss her studies and if she completes the vaccination, then her relationship may break. The girl has sought opinion from people on Reddit regarding this matter.

what users said
There are different opinions on this issue on social media. Some users say that the girl should get the vaccine, should not care about the lover. On the other hand, another user said that she should not play with her life for boyfriend. Apart from this, another user has said that he should persuade his lover for this and explain to him how important the vaccine is. What is your opinion about this news? Should the girl get vaccinated or stop the breakup?

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