corona guidelines: Coronavirus guidelines and threat of third wave: Corona guidelines and threat of third wave

The information given by the Central Government on Thursday is a relief that 69 percent of the total population above 18 years in the country has taken at least one dose of the vaccine. A quarter i.e. 25 percent of the population has received both doses of the vaccine. It may be less than the target set, but considering the limitations and compulsions within which the vaccination campaign has to be carried out, this will not be called a small achievement.

So far 889 crore shots have been shot in the country. This ratio of 63 shots per hundred people is not bad in terms of the global average of 79.4 shots. Meanwhile, the situation in the country is looking satisfactory even on the corona infection front. In September, the percentage of deaths due to corona for the whole month was less than one (0.97 percent). This is the first time since April this year that the CFR (mortality rate) has been found to be so low. Last week, 59.66 percent of the total cases of corona infection have been recorded only in Kerala. That is, the situation in the rest of the country is largely under control. Certainly all these facts are encouraging. But it should not be forgotten that this virus has shown its ability to not only change form but also attack on the go.

Breakfast in Coronavirus Time: During the Corona period, about half of the urban youth did not have breakfast, this survey made many shocking revelations!
In many countries of the world, when this challenge was almost considered almost over, then it took a more serious form than before. In our country too, when announcements were made to deal with Corona successfully, congratulations were started for it, then its second wave came, which left behind the havoc of the first wave. Therefore, rightly showing the achievements of the vaccination campaign, the government has cautioned the people not to reduce the precautions in any case.

Mumbai Garba News: Fear of third wave of Kovid in Mumbai, no Garba-Dandiya this year too
The festive season is about to come. Collectivity is the special feature of these festivals. Shopping in the markets is also considered an essential part of these festivals. But it is also clear that overcrowding in public places is the biggest means of spreading infection. The rally of election rallies and the crowd gathered at the Kumbh are considered particularly responsible for the second wave. In such a situation, special care needs to be taken that this time the virus does not shield our carelessness. The government has issued a guideline to avoid overcrowding in all festivals from Durga Puja to Chhath. But we all have to make sure that it is followed. After all, its profit and loss also have to come primarily on our part.


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