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Jared Polis, the governor of the US state of Colorado, has married his male partner. Jared was elected governor of Colorado in 2018 despite being openly gay. He also became the first US governor to have married a man of his own sex while in office. Jared is married to author and animal welfare advocate Marlon Rees.

The governor also has two children from his first marriage.
The Colorado Governor’s Office has reported that the two were married in a Jewish ceremony. The wedding, held in Boulder City, was attended by relatives and close friends of Jared and Reece. These two were together for the last 18 years. Jared Polis also has two children. In which a 7 year old boy and a 9 year old girl are involved.

The engagement was done in December last year.
Democratic Party leader and governor Jared Polis and author Marlon Rees had engaged in December last year. Rees had to be admitted to the hospital for a long time due to Rees being corona infected. Governor Polis was infected when Rees was discharged from the hospital. Due to this, the marriage of these two took a long time.

Big lesson learned from corona pandemic
After the wedding, the couple issued a statement saying that the biggest lesson we have learned over the past eighteen months is that life as we know it can change in an instant. He also said that we are grateful for the health and kindness of our family and friends for giving us the opportunity to celebrate our lives together as a married couple.

Governor said – all misconceptions and apprehensions broken
Polis has previously created history by becoming the first same sex parent elected to the US House of Representatives. In a conversation with The Guardian, Rees said that we never thought that such a thing as marriage would happen for us. Actually, there were a lot of misconceptions, there were apprehensions. For example, if you bring the matter of your relationship to the fore, then what can happen, how will it affect you negatively, how many opportunities will be missed from your hands.

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