China furious over Australia’s take on nuclear submarine, Global Times reports American ‘dog’ – china blasts extremely on Australia us nuclear submarine deal global times says us running dog

In view of the increasing threat of the Chinese Navy, the official media of Dragon has been furious with Australia’s announcement of building a super destructive nuclear submarine. In its editorial article, the Global Times, the mouthpiece of China’s Communist Party, has described Australia as America’s pet ‘dog’. The Global Times said that we would advise Australia that even if it acquires nuclear submarines or killer missiles, it does not have the power to threaten China.

The Global Times said, ‘It doesn’t matter how Australia armes itself, it is still a pet dog of America. He said that Australia has made itself an enemy of China by unilaterally taking the side of America. The Global Times said that America has historically been increasing the coalition system. Australia is definitely buying nuclear submarines to patrol by targeting China.

The Chinese newspaper said, ‘If Australia dares to provoke China because of this or makes a mistake militarily, then China will surely punish without mercy.’ He said that Australian soldiers would probably be the first to lose their lives in the South China Sea. This statement of the Chinese government siren comes at a time when Australia has decided to buy a nuclear submarine worth billions of dollars.

Not only this, Australia has decided to come together with Britain and America to face the challenge of China. These three countries will share advanced defense technology among themselves. Australia seems to have the biggest advantage in this because it will get the ability to build a nuclear-capable submarine for the first time. This defense draft has been named Aukus, which will include from artificial intelligence, quantum technology to cyber technology.

upset with china
Australia is already a part of the quad group along with the US, India and Japan. It had earlier signed an agreement with France for 12 submarines in 2016 but now it has been cancelled. Along with Britain and America, Australia is also troubled by the increasing power of China in the Indo-Pacific region. On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison issued a joint statement announcing the new partnership.

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