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A shocking eviction has happened 2 days before the finale of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, due to which the fans are also surprised. Bigg Boss made Neha Bhasin out of the house overnight. Neha herself was also left in shock with her eviction. Prateik and Shamita Shetty wept badly due to Neha’s eviction.

Let us tell you that in the finale week of Bigg Boss OTT finale, all the family members were recently nominated to be evicted from the house and said that now the voting of the public has started. Since that announcement, there was an intensification among the family members that mid-week eviction is going to happen any day.

There was a buzz that the makers might eliminate Pratik Sehajpal or Divya Agarwal, to save Neha Bhasin and Shamita Shetty. A few days back, ‘The Khabri’ claimed in one of its tweets that the makers have signed contracts with Neha Bhasin apart from Rakesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty and guaranteed to keep them alive till the finale. Although it has not been officially confirmed.

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According to reports, Neha Bhasin was getting very few votes this week as well. While there was talk that an attempt would be made to save Neha Bhasin, the makers dropped her on the basis of low votes. Neha Bhasin was one of the strong players of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, but for a few weeks her game was going in a different direction. The kind of closeness she was seen to be with Prateek Sahajpal had left many viewers angry. On social media too, people started narrating a lot to Neha Bhasin and Prateek.

At the same time, during the recent family task, Prateek’s sister also advised him to maintain a circle between friendship with Neha and said that all is not looking well in the outside world. Obviously all these things did not go in favor of Neha Bhasin and she got less votes this week.

According to ‘The Khabri’, Neha Bhasin got the least number of votes for homelessness last week. Since she has been guaranteed to stay in the show for the finale i.e. 6 weeks, Bigg Boss made the housemates do such a task that Moose Jattana became homeless and Neha survived. But this time it did not happen. After Neha Bhasin’s eviction, now a big twist has come for Prateek Sahajpal. Let’s see how Neha’s eviction will prove to be beneficial for her.

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