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Smart TV users can soon get good news from tech giant Google. Search engine Google’s smart TV platform Google TV is based on the Android operating system and is available in devices like Chromecast and Smart TV. Google TV may soon offer free TV channels to users.

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According to a report by Protocol, Google is in talks with free and ad-supported streaming television providers to add these channels to its smart TV platform. It will get a traditional TV-like experience with commercial brakes.

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There are reports that these free streaming channels may be launched on Google TV in the coming few weeks or months. But the company can wait to announce this initiative with its smart TV partners sometime early next year.

In terms of usage, there are reports that users will get a separate Live TV menu to browse the menu through channels. Streaming channels on Smart TVs can be offered with over-the-air programming that can be accessed with an antenna.

It is worth noting that Google’s move is not new. Earlier, smart TV platform Roku has also launched a similar platform on which more than 10 thousand TV episodes and movies are available. More than 200 free channels are available on this platform. Samsung and LG have also integrated free streaming channels on their platforms.

Google entered the free TV streaming category at the launch of the Android TV platform in 2014. The company had a live channels framework for aggregating live programming from streaming apps and over-the-air broadcasters, but it never gained much traction.

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