Astronomy courses in India: Astronomy Course: What is Astronomy Course? Know in which field you will get job – astronomy and space science courses


  • All aspects related to space are studied in space science.
  • You can make a career in space science after 12th
  • Know the major institutes for the course

Astronomy Courses In India: Astronomy is the science that deals with the secrets of the universe. In this, astronomical events outside the Earth’s atmosphere and the processes related to their formation etc. are studied. In space science, we get answers to all these questions, such as what is the universe made of, what is the universe, why do these stars shine, where do different types of light come from. This is particularly a sector which is being seen as an employment sector with challenging and unmatched growth opportunities in future. The more interesting it is, the harder it is.

What is Space Science
All aspects related to space are studied in space science. The specialty of this subject is that it uses the principles and applications of disciplines such as physics, mechanical engineering, materials science, chemistry, biology and computer science. Broadly speaking, this can be seen from space science by combining four areas.

Including Astronomy and Astrophysics, Parametric Atmosphere and Aeronomy, Earth Science and Solar System Studies. These space science and astronomy give information about theories related to solar, such as solar flares, their relation to magnetic fields, etc. India’s space activities are increasing day by day. After the launch of Chandrayaan, India now plans to send many humans to the Moon. Moreover, in the satellite world, the king of India has accepted the whole world.
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Astronomy Course And Qualification
If you want to make a career in space science then you should have subjects like maths, physics and chemistry in 12th and graduation level. Many universities offer graduate, post graduate, post doctoral degrees in space science and in many institutes you can do research along with space science. ISRO provides opportunities to students with MSc, BSc, ME and PhD qualifications. Apart from this, candidates of B.Sc and Diploma holders also get admission in ISRO. At the same time, by taking a degree in space research, you can directly make a career in it.

Career Opportunities In Astronomy
Space is still untouched in the eyes of science. Scientists of many countries are working day and night to explore the space. Due to which there is a lot of job opportunities in this field. There are many job options for the youth pursuing a degree in Astronomy. Degree holders of this subject can not only go into government services but can also write a history of success along with getting jobs in private jobs, teaching, research and space scientists.

Astronomy specialists can create a wide variety of jobs based on data analysis and computer expertise. They can also find jobs in commercial and non-commercial research, development and testing laboratories, observatories, constellations and science parks. Apart from this, there are huge job opportunities in research work of ISRO and institutions like NASA, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and NALA DRDO. After the course, you can work as a mathematician, IT professional, biologist in these institutes.
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With a good career in space science, good salary is also available. Usually in the initial phase, a space scientist gets 40 to 70 thousand rupees per month, while after 2-3 years of experience this salary reaches into lakhs. At the same time, many scientists working in the field of research are taking a package of crores annually.

Institute For The Course

  1. Institute of Space Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram
  2. MSc Space Science, University of Pune
  3. PG Diploma Space Science, Gujarat and Andhra University
  4. M.Tech Remote Sensing, Anna University (M.Tech Remote Sensing, Anna University)
  5. MSc Cartography, University of Madras (MSc Cartography, University of Madras)

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