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  • iPadOS 15 will launch today
  • You will get many amazing features
  • RAM can be increased for apps

New Delhi. US tech company Apple is all set to launch iPadOS 15, iOS 15, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15 on September 20. Whereas the company has disclosed all the major features of the upcoming operating system. A MacRumors report has revealed that with iPadOS15 developers will be able to allocate more RAM to their apps. As of present, Apple limits the amount of memory used by any third-party app. This cap ensures that none of the apps on the iPad use up all the memory.

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With iPadOS 15, developers will be able to tell the operating system that their apps will perform better if they have access to more RAM. As of now, there is a 5GB RAM limit on third-party apps installed on iPad Pros. The company has also provided eligibility for this. With Eligibility, creative professionals will be able to use demanding and graphically intensive apps more easily by sharing more RAM on their iPad.

According to the developers of graphic designing app ArtStudio, the M1 iPad Pro with 16GB of RAM will now be able to allocate up to 12GB of RAM to a certain app using the ability shared by Apple. M1 iPad Pro models with 8GB of RAM can request up to 6GB of RAM.

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However, it is still unclear whether the eligibility shared by Apple will support models other than the iPad Pros. This week Apple has introduced the 9th generation iPad with 3 GB and 4 GB RAM respectively which has been named as iPad Mini. As of now, there is no expectation whether the company will remove the RAM allocation cap on these entry-level iPad models.

Some new and better features can be given in the upcoming iPadOS 15, which include Live Text, Quick Note, Universal Control, SharePlay among others.

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