Annual inspection by Trilok Bansal* on Saturday by reaching the traffic branch operated at the protected center at Amarpur.

  • Superintendent of Police Shri Trilok Bansal did annual inspection of traffic branch GPM
  • Instructions given to the in-charge to make the traffic system simple and easy
  • License of those driving drunk will be canceled – Superintendent of Police

Annual inspection was carried out by the Superintendent of Police, Shri Trilok Bansal, on Saturday by reaching the traffic branch operating at the protected center in Amarpur. The Superintendent of Police inspected the resources available in the Traffic Branch and observed the records of the Traffic Branch etc. In the meantime, the SP directed for proper maintenance of the available resources while managing the files properly.

The Superintendent of Police directed the traffic in-charge and the policemen present to behave well with the general public during vehicle checking. Do not disturb anyone unnecessarily.

The Superintendent of Police said that although

Due to being a newly formed district, there is a lack of transport resources, yet smooth operation of traffic is being done in less resources so that there is no inconvenience to the common people in traffic. The captain directed the traffic branch in-charge that action should be taken by campaigning against the drunk drivers and a report should be sent to the RTO to cancel the driver’s license. Along with this, necessary guidelines were also given to reduce road accidents and due publicity should be given to traffic rules by organizing camps to bring public awareness about traffic.

The Superintendent of Police also said that at present the traffic branch is being operated at the Rakshak centre. The traffic branch should be in the headquarters and to make the system more convenient, the traffic branch will be started very soon in the old police station building of Gaurela.

During this, the Defense Inspector, Traffic Branch In-charge and Traffic Branch officials were present. Deepak Kashyap’s report Gaurela Pendra Marwahi Chhattisgarh

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