amupam kher mom got shirts for him: Anupam Kher said his mom Dulari bring my father in the conversation unnecessarily

A video of Anupam Kher’s mother Dulari is again going viral on social media. In this video his mother is showing many shirts which she has bought for her son. In this video, Anupam Kher asks her about money, on which she gets furious.

As usual, Anupam Kher has posted a new video with the hashtag #DulariRocks. In this video, she is seen happily showing clothes bought in online shopping to Anupam Kher. Anupam asks are all the clothes for him? On this, the mother says that take whatever they like, there is nothing more in the world than them.

After this, Anupam Kher asks that he gave money for all the shopping he has done? On this the mother gets angry and says – was it your father who gave like this? You give me 10-120 thousand and lakh rupees.

Posting this video, Anupam Kher wrote in the caption, ‘Mother bought some shirts for me. It should be a simple give and take process, but with Dulari it is not possible. He needs to talk about other things too and it is also necessary to bring unnecessary mention of my father in between. Watch and enjoy, Jai Mata Di.

Earlier too, Anupam Kher had posted a video in which he was seen giving a purse brought from America to his mother and she was not happy at all after putting 500 rupees in it. Although she asked the mother to walk like a model with her purse, she also showed it by doing so in a hurry.

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