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All the details of PF will be available sitting at home, work will be done in minutes with one message

Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) issues e-passbook ie EPF passbook to Provident Fund (PF) account holders. EPF passbook contains all the information related to PF account including contribution, interest earned, withdrawal. In this era of Digital India, all the facilities are available in mobile. For which till a few years back, people had to go round the offices, along with wastage of time, people had to face many kinds of problems, now that work can be done sitting at home, in a few minutes, with just a few clicks. Let’s go. Now along with bank details, you can easily get your PF information sitting at home.

UAN number holders will get the facility

Specifically, the e-passbook facility for PF account is available only to those employees who have registered their UAN number with the EPFO ​​portal. Let us know how to register UAN number on EPEO portal and how to access EPF passbook.

Will get details from SMS

EPFO UAN LAN (Language) has to be sent to 7738299899 from the mobile number registered with EPFO. LAN stands for your language. If you want information in English, then you have to write ENG instead of LAN. Similarly, write HIN for Hindi and TAM for Tamil. To get information in Hindi, one has to send message by writing EPFOHO UAN HIN.

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