After the sting operation of nbt in lucknow, the crackdown on the blood brokers instructions to register an fir Sach News

Ashish Sumit Mishra / Hemendra Tripathi
There has been a stir in hospitals after an exclusive series titled ‘Khoon Ka Dhanda Itna Gandi’ ran in NBT Online in Lucknow. The hospital administration is also in shock after this dark exploit was exposed. The dirty business of blood is openly run in the KGMU Blood Bank of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, but this dirty business could not be saved from the camera of NBT Online. The biggest charge on the entire sting is on the guard present there. Whose responsibility is to get the blood donor weighed in front of him, but he sells his faith for only Rs 300. Everyone is involved in the dirty game of blood pimping.

Blood business going on in Balrampur Hospital too
In this connection, the team of NBT Online reached Balrampur Hospital to investigate. Where the picture of blood brokers inside the premises of Balrampur Hospital was captured in the camera. In the video, there was a mention of a hospital employee named Yadav Gunner, who provides blood to people by taking 5 to 7 thousand rupees. Regarding this, the director has given a written complaint against those who do black business of blood. Along with this, strict instructions have been given to the blood bank personnel.

Hospital doctors are also involved in the black business of blood
When the team of NBT Online reached Balrampur Hospital premises on Tuesday, two blood brokers were present there. He started asking the NBT team what was the work. Then when we said that we want blood, they started saying that we will get as much blood as is needed. A broker told that it will take 5 to 7 thousand rupees. A doctor was also mentioned. Through which he was going to give blood. At the same time, he talked about getting blood elsewhere without a donor. The blood broker said that if you give us time till 11 am, then we will make arrangements. He also said that my setting is from the doctor who stays in the night shift. Will talk to him at night and tell. Not only this, he also promised to get blood in the Medical College and Lohia Hospital.

Instructions for getting FIR
Balrampur Hospital director Ravindra Kumar said that the matter was not in our notice. We got information from the video shown by you. We have questioned the doctors of CMS and blood bank regarding this. After coming to the notice of the matter, investigation is going on. Along with this, instructions have been given to get an FIR, if the involvement of the doctors of the hospital is found in the case, then action will be taken against him.

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